Power management is an area ripe for disruption. Traditional power management technology is based on older semiconductor process custom optimized for power management. Given that the world has changed so dramatically in the past five years, low switching frequency, low bandwidth, large size, and no path to integration are no longer acceptable. R2 saw that improving dynamic power management through increased bandwidth, efficiency, and integration would spur innovation in system design. R2’s patented IP enables system and chip designers to offer end consumers optimized products that have longer battery life, cooler temperatures, and smaller form factors.

R2 figured out how to build a high-voltage DC-DC converters in a low-voltage processes, resulting in SOC integration, high bandwidth, high reliability, and direct connect to battery. R2 gives system designers tools for integration and bandwidth, offering seamless turnkey IP to the rapidly growing number of applications and markets.

Longer Battery Life

Reduced power consumption for both power amplifiers and application processors.

Cooler Temperatures

Minimal heat dissipation for longer calls, richer media, and faster data.

Smaller Form Factors

Space-saving designs opens doors to technology innovation.