Envelope Tracking
Today’s consumers have the highest expectations from their smartphones: space-saving design, increasing functionality, fast access to data—and long battery life. Unfortunately, these desires are seemingly incompatible: Faster, smaller devices exhaust batteries, draining energy more quickly and heating smartphones to higher temperatures. R2’s FasTrack Envelope Tracking (ET) solution overcomes the existing limits of power management technology, enabling phones to manage energy more efficiency, dissipate less heat, and enhance battery life.

ET dynamically adjusts the power supply voltage applied to Radio Frequency (RF) Power Amplifiers (PA) to improve efficiency and reduce heat. R2’s FasTrack ET Modulator, based on R2’s Innovative Fast Power high switching frequency high bandwidth technology, simplifies ET system implementation and adoption. R2 FasTrack delivers ET with the supply chain flexibility OEMs demand by utilizing standard PAs from multiple vendors, has the smallest PCB footprint, and provides outstanding current and thermal reduction.