R2 Semiconductor’s innovative Fast Power breaks through the limits of today’s Power Management with a 10x improvement in switching frequency, bandwidth and size. R2’s high switching frequency technology enables high system bandwidth to track the fast changing load conditions that dominate today’s complex systems. R2’s FasTrack for Power Amplifier Envelope Tracking and FastLane for Digital System On Chip Power Management improves battery life and data rates, while reducing temperature and size of smart phones and consumer electronics.

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Envelope Tracking

R2 Envelope Tracking (ET)

R2 FasTrack dynamically adjusts the power supply voltage applied to RF Power Amplifiers, improving efficiency, reducing heat, and requiring the smallest PCB footprint.

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Core Power

R2 Core Power

R2’s FastLane optimizes power management for today’s multi-core applications processors and digital SoCs, improving performance, while lowering temperatures, and reducing form factors.

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SOC Integration

SoC Integration

R2 enables System on Chip (SoC) developers to integrate efficient power management thereby reducing form factor and noise interference.

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