About R2 Semiconductor

R2 Semiconductor is a power management company whose industry-changing IP serves market needs ranging from low-power wearables to high-voltage power via low-voltage transistors.

The company, founded in 2008, is backed by top-tier venture capital firms. R2 is led by a team of industry veterans with a solid record of piloting fabless semiconductor ventures to success. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

R2 Semiconductor’s Mission

R2 recognized that improving power management through increased performance, bandwidth, and efficiency while also reducing size and heat, would spur innovation in system design. Power management is no longer bound by outdated custom semiconductor processes: R2 Semiconductor’s high switching frequency technology proves power management can be fast and efficient— without battery stress. Power management can no longer be an afterthought: integrated power management and high switching frequency are absolutely critical for today’s applications processors.

R2 Semiconductor’s Vision

Consumers expect it all: space-saving design, increased functionality, and quicker access to data. R2’s vision is a world where even the smallest devices remain cool and powered—all day. R2’s innovations in power management are now changing the fundamentals of how consumer devices operate, enabling efficient energy management, less heat dissipation, and longer battery life. Incredible innovation can occur in increasingly smaller form factors for both wearables and IoT.